Dark circles

4 Major Causes of Puffiness, Fine Lines, and Dark Circles Around the Eyes

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We may think its innocent, but the slightest of things may be damaging to the eyes, and are already digging its roots to creating some long-term damage to the skin around the eyes.

Aging is the first factor that is considered among the reasons for the formation of eye bags. The first effects of the aging show themselves around the eyes. With the advancement of age, bags under the eyes may appear. In this picture puffiness develops due to the aging, we can say that the supporting muscles of the eyelids and the tissues around the eyes weaken and loosen.

When the formations puffiness are examined, we can say that the daily diet plays a very important role. As an addition to the factors given above, individuals who have the habit of excessive salt consumption accumulate excessive salt in the body over time.

Loss of skin elasticity, sinus infections, Iron deficiency, allergic rhinitis, food and dust allergies also play an effective role in the formation of puffiness. It is possible to say that people who consume excessive caffeine are left alone with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Therefore, excessive caffeine consumption should be avoided from diets.

Finally, excessive swelling, bruising or puffiness may appear under the eyes during pregnancy because of the high hormonal irregularity.

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