Advanced Stop Signs Eye SPF 15

Find it at Amazon: Advanced Stop Signs Eye SPF 15

Target Area(s): Skin aging and wrinkles

Price: $28.98 – $30.00


Guarantee: No Guarantee

Most effective for:

  • Hydrates without greasiness
  • not very greasy
  • Day cream
  • SPF 25

Other positive review: My understanding is that tanning and burning are caused by UVB rays. Skin aging and wrinkles are caused by UVA rays. This eye cream has both UVB and UVA protection, SPF 15. As an eye cream, it is thicker than usual creams. Every morning for the last 10 years, I have applied it on my brow bone and under my eye (not right on eyelid as it may get into eyes). I do not have any wrinkles in my eye area. The sunscreen component will prevent future skin damage to the eye area. For existing damage to the eye area, well, I don’t know if anything non-surgical can help that. I wear SPF 25 on the rest of my face every morning (Superdefence from Clinique), but use this eye cream in my eye area (as regular creams get into my eyes and that hurts). I would highly recommend using this as a day cream for the eye area as it is thick enough not to get into your eyes and also protects the eye area from future sun damage.

Other factors to consider:

  • Possible allergic reactions
  • Fine lines
  • Eye Irritation

Other negative reviews: I have tried several Clinique products in the past(mascara, eyeliner, moisturizer, eye cream) and have found all of them too harsh for my skin. Most recently, I used the All About Eyes Cream, which gave me a rash and made my skin peel after only a couple of days.

Description: An extraordinary treatment to even out skin tone fosters disappearance of dark spots & discolorations. Defends & enhances collagen production and reduces the look of fine lines & wrinkles. It helps the skin prevent future visible imperfections. Leaves skin feeling soft, moist & comfortable

Directions for Use: With ring finger, apply sparingly to entire eye area using a gentle patting motion

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide 8.7%, Octinoxate 1.7%.

Sunscreen: SPF15

Recommendation: This eye cream obviously has some negative reactions to certain types of skin. Make sure to test it first. Also, compared to the other eye creams featured, there are not much reviews over the positive effects it has had on those who have tried.

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Find it at Amazon: Advanced Stop Signs Eye SPF 15

2 thoughts on “Advanced Stop Signs Eye SPF 15

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  2. Mel Smith

    I am also in the lookout for a very reliable eye cream. I usually work very late at night and wake up very early in the morning which in the end gives me the dark circles under my eyes. Lifecell is a brand that I am not familiar of. Are these available only through exclusive distribution?


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