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Avoid Dark Circles the Easy Way- Home Remedies

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Dark Circles around the eyes is possibly the most common of female skin problems around the globe. The busy lifestyle, unlimited exposure to harmful technology and stress makes it easier to get these discolorations. There are numerous possible causes of dark circles like aging, fatigue or lack of sleep, stress or depression, nutrient deficiency, hyper pigmentation, sun exposure, and excessive use of drugs and medicines.

Eye creams for dark circles around the eyes are everywhere, since it’s very easy to acquire this discoloration. If it’s not too late, there are ways to avoid it, or lessen the damage. The most common of beauty tips for dark circles are of course, cucumber on the eyes, it’s cool and relaxes the eyes. A version of this is cucumber or potato juice applied on the eyes with the use of cotton balls. Another mixture applied on the skin under the eyes may also be crushed mint leaves or almond oil, but if you’re having trouble looking for it, you can try lemon juice, cucumber juice, and lanolin cream.

Drinking a good amount of water is also good for lightening the dark circles under the eyes, but all these may have no effect without a good 8 hours of sleep. Allow your eyes to rest after a long day’s work, avoid sleeping on late hours, waking up too early in the morning. This will stress your eyes from the lack of sleep, and stress it even more with all your squinting from eye soreness. If this is unavoidable, then it’s time to get a really good eye cream.

Here are a few that I can recommend:

  • Hylexin Eye Cream
  • Semeli Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
  • ARCONA The Eyes Have It, Regenerate
  • Eye Wonder From Vasanti
  • Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

There are so many of them, you can check our best eye creams for the right one just for you.

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