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Everybody has a first time, and not all those are good, especially with cosmetic products. Used the wrong way, could do more damage than good, aging you for a good five years more, exactly the thing you were avoiding. The first few products I tried, wasn’t exactly my best experience, so I learned to do a little more research on the net, my friends, and my doctor, then came up with a more or less harmless way of testing eye creams.

  1. Test Testing: may be an obvious initial move for some people, but sometimes, women, and even men get too excited to use a product, they forget that everyone has different skin types, and testing is necessary. Remember that the skin around the eyes are very sensitive, before using any product on it, try it on other skin areas. I read somewhere and would most definitely recommend the skin under the arms, they’re also very sensitive. If it works, move on to the face, and if it’s still good, then proceed to the eyes, and keep close monitoring on it for any negative, or positive reactions.
  2. Low Concentration: If available, choose the one with the lowest concentration and use that instead. High concentrations often have bad reactions in that area. If I don’t get anything, I usually proceed with higher concentrations until I get the good results, without the irritation.
  3. Specialized Versions: The wrinkle cream you’re using most probably has a specialized formula, just for the eyes. Use that one instead. In most cases, the products on that line would have more moisturizer, and is less irritating, just right for the eyes.
  4. Discontinue Use: If some minor irritation occurs, you can try the healing agents in the market. I use the copper peptide creams, look for it in the ingredients. If the irritation persists, or if the irritation is significant, please do stop. It would be harder to get rid of the lines if more damage is done.

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