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Skin Around the Eyes- Different?

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Different people have different types of skin, and different parts of the body have varying skin types. Our feet for example, are more exposed to wear and tear, skin there tends to be rough and dry, whereas skin in our inner arms are smooth, sensitive, and seemingly thinner than in most parts of the body. The face, on the other hand, has more variety of skin types depending on the location. Skin on the nose and cheeks are most commonly more oily than on the other parts of the face because it contains more active sebaceous glands. As follows, skin on the eyes also contains unique characteristics.

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive, in fact ten times thinner than skin in other parts of the body, and as we age, it becomes even more thinner due to the breakdown of collagen. It also has no sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands, as mentioned earlier, are glands that produce extract oil unto the skin. This means, no oil, and dry skin. Aside from those mentioned, it overlies a specifically dense capillary network for the eyes, and has minimal fat padding. And since it has minimal exposure to other surfaces, it is easily stressed by frequent eye movements and even just squinting.

Because skin around the eyes is thinner, and more sensitive, caring for it needs a more delicate process. Before attempting to undergo any treatments, it’s best to research, and do trials before applying anything on the area around the eyes.

There are also products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin. I have reviewed a few of them, feel free to check them out:

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