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Types of Eye Creams

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Eye creams are used to take away or lessen the not very liked factors of the skin around the eyes, like fine lines and dark circles. Yes, they are for wrinkles, but what differs the regular wrinkle cream from eye creams is that it has been tested by not only by dermatologists but also by ophthalmologists to be safe to use around the eyes. Aside from this, the pH has to match with the skin level of your eyes. These creams also has more moisturizers, as the skin tends to be drier, and does not contain any fragrance, to avoid any damage they might do to the eyes.

There are Three Main types of Eye Creams based on the atmosphere and temperatures.

First is the Day Cream, which is designed to enhance the appearance of the eyes during the day. This is the type of cream that lessens the appearance of the hated puffiness and dark circles, excellent for just light make-up.

Second is the Night Cream, which is responsible for the repair. It is designed to function on the skin wherein it restores damaged skin, and avoids any further damage. It’s common ingredients are alpha hydroxy acid and/or retinol.

Last is a Non-specific Cream which can be used at any time of day. It provides extra moisture on the applied area. This is the type we usually see in the market that does not come in the day and night sets.

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